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Dentists depend on a wide range of dental equipment for tooth restoration and cosmetic dentistry. No dentist will ever tolerate his or her practice suffering just because some equipment is not in optimal condition. Being exclusive in nature and expensive, this equipment requires specialists for maintenance and repair in the event that something goes wrong.

The operational efficiency of dental equipment depends largely on how well it is maintained. It is, thus, necessary that dentists ensure timely maintenance and repair of their equipment. Considering the nature of this medical equipment, it is also necessary that a dentist hire a trustworthy maintenance and repair service that is not only proactive, but also efficient. A reliable company that stocks the necessary spare parts, works fast, and provides total solutions for dentists throughout Southern California. Orange County dental equipment service can prove to be of great help to ensure that an office’s equipment is always functioning optimally.

The importance of perception in marketing cannot be underplayed. A clean and hygienic environment, with a professional appearance of a dental office and availability of fully-functional dental equipment that incorporates the latest technology is one of the best first impressions that any dentist can make. A well maintained dental office with modern equipment provides a positive message to prospective patients and they are far more likely to feel relaxed when sitting in the dental chair. A satisfied customer is more inclined to share information about his or her experiences. Word-of-mouth publicity is an effective communications medium that can truly boost a dental practice’s profits and patient-base.

Dental Equipment Specialists (DES), Inc. is an Orange County dental equipment service provider with more than 20 years of experience in the industry. Besides offering assistance with new equipment purchases and installations, this Orange County dental equipment repair leader also provides routine maintenance and equipment breakdown service.

DES is sensitive to the needs of its clients. Keeping in mind that they can ill afford to shut down due to equipment failures, this Orange County dental equipment service provider has initiated a new program that allows for more timely and fast repairs. DES ensures that it has a list of each customer’s equipment. This catalog allows these Orange County dental equipment repair experts to know the spare parts and tools that they will need to bring along on a service visit for a more productive service call. Orange County dental repair service also ensures that its staff performs installations on Saturdays, an initiative that goes a long way in helping you to carry on your practice with less disruption.

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