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« Benefits of Cone Beam Technology in Los Angeles Dental Practice

With the ability to create high resolution, Finely-detailed 3D images of oral and skull structure in the Los Angeles area, cone beam technology has raised the standards of dental care and treatment. This technology Brings enhanced diagnostics and treatment accuracy, which effectively result in Increased patient satisfaction and understanding. Upgrading your office to a cone beam CT may Become the best decision you make as a dental specialist. Remove the guesswork from your diagnostic process, Implement and cone beam technology Greatly improve your staff’s abilities to secure treatment plans, etiquette, and patient comfort levels.

Los Angeles has a large market for Cone Beam Technology: Advantages for Dentists

While conventional CT scans produces 2D images, Los Angeles cone beam CT Produces a 3D model of the patient’s dental-maxillo-facial structure. Let’s take a closer look at the benefits of this cutting-edge technology:

Precise treatment planning. Los Angeles offers superior cone beam CT scanning and reading capabilities. It Creates an in-depth and more comprehensive picture of oral structure; Including jaw bones, soft tissue, and nerve paths, enabling specialists to plot treatments with Greater precision and accuracy. Specialists are Able to deal with complex cases and serious problems Such as impacted teeth and implants. There is less room for error since there are no expected imaging issues like the image Distortions Typically Associated with 2D imaging technology. Such potential problems as obstructed airway passages are Immediately identified.

Streamlined diagnostic process. Traditional CT scans require Several scans to get a full view of the patient’s oral structure. Los Angeles cone beam technology allows unlimited views of the patient’s anatomical structures in one sweep.

Increased productivity. Cone beam CT scans offer faster scanning times than regular CT scans, a full scan takes 10 to 40 seconds while traditional machines take a Few minutes. Also CBCTs help reduce implant case completion time while Increasing chances of treatment success.

How Cone Beam CT Scanners Benefit Patients

The advantages of cone beam CT scans for Patients are well Documented Also:

Increased confidence and comfort. Patients educated about oral CBCTs Their structure. Because They Are Able to see the course of treatment Their dentist will take, there’s an immediate feeling of comfort and Increased.

Less exposure to radiation. Los Angeles cone beam CT scans use 80% less radiation than conventional scans. Also They require only one 360 ​​° sweep to get a complete image of the patient’s oral, facial, and skull structures. Time needed to complete a full scan is less than a minute.

Greater savings. CBCT scans up to 50% less cost than conventional CT scans.

Shorter appointment times. CBCT scans are completed Quickly know dentists are Able to Provide diagnosis and treatment course in the span of a single appointment.

Upgrading to Los Angeles cone beam technology

Los Angeles cone beam CT Enables specialists to take medical images In Their designated clinics or imaging centers. These machines are available in Several varieties. Talking to a trusted leading imaging provider is the first step like Vatech Towards finding the right upgrade solution. If you’re interested in learning more about the Powerful Vatech Cone Beam CT solution available in today’s market, contact the experts at Dental Equipment Specialists (DES), Inc. for complete details – Including Purchases equipment, installations, maintenance and repair agreements, as well as pre-construction site evaluations.

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